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Learning and Living

Nobody is born a professional at their industry-everyone who wants to be exceptional at something has to work hard at it, both through practical work experience and education. Education has played a huge role in my career. Read below for details on my education, and get in touch with any questions.

Mohammed Azeez Saeed

Date of birth: September 27th, 1953

Place of birth: Qaladze, Sulaimane, Kurdistan Region-Iraq

From October 1959 to June 1966, studied at Asos Primary School for boys at Qaladze .

From October 1966 to to June 1969 studied at Qaladze Intermediate School.

From June 1969 to June 1972 studied at Qaladze  High School.

From October 1972 to June 1977 studied at the Department of Physics, College of Science, University of Sulaimane.

On June 26th, 1977, the degree of B.Sc. in Physics was awarded, as a top first rank student.  On the same day, the president of Iraq awarded him an Omega Golden watch.

From October 1978 to October 1980 studied at the University of Birmingham -UK. On December 12th, 1980, he received M.Sc. degree in the field of Meteorology and Applied Climatology.

From October 1998 to June 2001 studied at the Department of Astronomy, College of Science, University of Baghdad, Iraq. On August 25th, 2001, Ph.D. degree in the field of Astronomy was awarded.

Currently I am working as Assistant Professor at the Department of General Science, College of Basic Education, Salahaddin University-Erbil, Kurdistan Region-Iraq.

Activities: Translation of 24 short stories (novels) from English language to Kurdish language during the period of coronavirus pandemic spread. And translated three Kurdish novels/stories into English. Also he wrote a booklet titled (Basics of the Atmospheric Science) in Kurdish language.

Mobile phone: 00964 (0) 750 462 2954

Erbil Citadel-Iraq


October 1959- June 1977

Studied primary, Intermediate and High schools in Qaladze-Iraq.

خوێندنی سەرەتایی و ناوەندی و دواناوەندی لە قەڵادزێ تەواو کردووە

B.Sc. degree in Physics from the University of Sulaimane-Iraq, June 26th,1977.

بڕوانامەى بەکالۆریۆسى لە زانستی فیزیا لە کۆلێژی زانست / زانکۆی سلێمانی بە پلەی یەکەم وەدەست هێناوە

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Ministry of Higher Education awarded me Iraqi president prize as I was rank first in B.Sc. degree study

M.Sc. Course in Meteorology & Applied Climatology

From October 1978 to October 1980

Studied Meteorology & Applied Climatology at the University of Birmingham, Birmingham-UK, leaded to Master of Science. The degree was awarded during the degree congregation on December 12th, 1980.

بڕوانامەی ماستەری لە بواری کەشناسی لە زانکۆی بەرمەنگهام لە وڵاتی بەریتانیا وەدەست هێناوە

Dissertation Title: Statistical Analysis of Daily Precipitation in Brimingham, UK.

Master degree certificate on Meteorology from University of Birmingham -UK, on December 1980
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Master students group at University of Birmingham-UK April 1980

Ph.D. degree  on Astronomy

October 1998-August 2001

Studied Ph.D. degree in Astronomy from University of Baghdad-Iraq, August 25th, 2001.

بڕوانامەی دکتۆرای لە بواری گەردونناسی لە کۆلێژی زانست/زانکۆی بەغداد وەدەست هێناوە

Title of Thesis; Quantitative Analysis of theoretical Models of Interstellar Dust Grains

A photo
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Ph.Degree certificate on Astronomy from University of bagdad-Iraq August 2001
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